I am a dedicated design and marketing professional that finds helping others with their mission in life rewarding. My goal is to help the community thrive by providing local businesses and non-profits with dynamic communication solutions through top to bottom branding. This love for the design world began nearly 20 years ago, when I was helping design fliers for events that my friends were throwing while learning Photoshop. Soon after, I started my own production company and designed all the promotional material for it along with learning to utilize social media platforms to market our events. Eventually, I decided to go back to school to be formally educated in the field, and learned to be more modernist in my designs to suit the commercial needs of different businesses.

One of my main influences in that is Paul Rand. I am highly interested in branding along with UI design, and he really brought about the modern era and I’ve really grown as a designer looking at his work and trying to mimic simpler styles. While I know multiple areas in the communication design field that I am strong in, digital media is my first preference as everything is digital these days. However, elements like professional photography, designing online ads, and branding companies are extremely important for the online presence to attain success. I believe that having a presence in the modern world is extremely important for any company or non-profit. It’s very easy to get lost in the crowd online without a solid brand identity and marketing, so I love helping others attain the goal of launching their website and to be found organically.

I also think prints and business cards still come into play for people to go to websites, so it has been important for me to grow in knowledge on many different areas of design and marketing. I would like to be a Creative Director at some point and also change my freelance business into an agency. Someone in the present I admire is Aaron Draplin. His branding work is top notch and I’d love to work with more companies in the future branding their vision, while he also started small and expanded over time.

I’ve focused on a broad range of topics during my education. Some of it is fun and some of it is very personal and meant to help others that are struggling with issues in their life. Addiction and suicides/overdoses were something I wanted to touch on, but I’ve also done things that are educational like making a zine on how to be a professional photographer. As previously stated my future goals involve working for a studio or agency for a time after graduation, opening my own agency and working with gifted people to bring their visions to life, and eventually finding the time to focus more attention on helping non-profits while enjoying my photography hobby, spending more time helping recovering addicts and people struggling with addictions to find some hope in life. This can be done through well placed communication design means and getting the message across on people’s phones and other devices. I also help kids a lot, especially at Christmas time with the Denver Dream Center so I hope that I can continue to build up people’s lives through design in the future.